As a certified logistics company, we’ve optimised our processes and perfected the storage systems. In addition, we are in constant dialogue with our customers and know what matters when it comes to picking.

DEPOTPACK works with state-of-the-art IT systems and a well-trained team of employees. That makes us fast, efficient and high-performing. Barcoded articles, efficient storage and short distances also ensure that we’re “just in time” even at peak times. If necessary, we create special shifts and work around the clock, so that the picked goods can leave our facility on the same day.

Success doesn’t happen by chance

Thanks to our proximity to our business partners, we’re aware of the latest about the market. In addition, as a mature company, DEPOTPACK can look back on years of experience. This makes it easier for us to guarantee perfect order picking and also to implement ideas that are out of the mainstream.

Our versatile storage system makes us flexible, efficient and cost-effective:

  • first in – first out
  • batch traceability
  • pick by voice
  • pick by scan